Creativity Essentials Series (Part 1): Simple and Brilliant Ways To Get Creative With Your A/V Experience!

When chatting with Meeting Professionals, I often hear them express that they wish they had the time or budget to get more creative with Audio Visual at their upcoming events. As event technology evolves Meeting Professionals, feel overwhelmed by the possibilities and underwhelmed with the guidance on how to utilize these possibilities.

A meeting, conference, or exposition is no longer just a massive exchange in business information; these events are now expected to be experiences. Informative, productive, and exciting- your next meeting should leave your attendees with memories, and make them eager to attend the following year.

There are numerous cost effective Audio Visual options to make your event a memorable experience for attendees, such as:

  • Mobile Event Apps
  • Branding
  • Digital Signage
  • Touch Screens
  • Lighting and Stage Design
  • IPad Kiosks
  • Phone Charging Kiosks
  • Video Walls
  • And many more…

We will discuss all of these options in depth in the coming blog posts, yet today let’s focus on a few that you can start incorporating immediately.

Mobile Event Apps

ACBS App SampleAs discussed in my previous blog post 15 Reasons Your Event Needs an App, conference attendees are using smart phones and tablets now more than ever. By creating an event app you can ensure that while attendees are browsing their phone, they are remaining engaged in your event.




ipad3Nearly every creative solution a Meeting Professional can use, should in some way incorporate branding. Through branding solutions you can give your event a cohesive, impactful, dynamic appearance, while also creating great sponsorship opportunities.

This past April, a major medical company came to us with the goal of engaging their attendees more and saving on printing costs. The best solutions for their needs were the IPad Kiosks and Touch screens with digital mapping.

However, they wanted every inch of the venue to represent their company. To assist with this we suggested they brand our equipment with their graphics. We created a branded frame for the touch screen monitor that incorporated their design and a sponsor’s logo. For the IPad Kiosks we collaborated with the company’s graphic designer to create a custom skin for the kiosks. The technology is new and exciting, and the branding on these solutions left the attendees with a positive memory of the conference.

Additionally, we used GOBO (goes before optics) lighting to project their company logo onto the wall above the stage.


Planning an event infused with creativity and that WOW factor doesn't have to be costly or time consuming. With a little imagination and the latest in event technology, you can transform the equipment and technology you already use into something your attendees will remember long after your event.

In the next post, we will discuss a few more creative solutions to making your next event an experience.

Need an AV vendor experienced in working with creative solutions? CCR has been executing creative event solutions for over 25 years, we would be glad to help you with your next event!