Happy Holidays! From CCR and Grumpy Cat!


The holidays mean something different to all of us; for internet sensation and celebrity cat Tardar Sauce, better known as grumpy cat, the holidays just add to her long list of grumpy things; for the rest of us, this is the happiest time of the year as we get to celebrate the holidays with our families, close friends, and even cute furry friends.
Here at CCR we’ve got a diverse group of co-workers who each celebrate the holiday season in a unique way. We thought it would be fun to ask what some of our employee’s favorite parts of this jolly season are, here’s some of our favorite responses:
“I love decorating for the holidays! It’s my favorite part by far!!” LJ P., President
“I like spending time with the family; it’s just a time to enjoy with loved ones.” AJ J., Marketing and Technology
“My favorite thing is watching my kids enjoy it, we decorate for the kids, celebrate, it’s all about them.” Don L., Director of Operations
“December is great because you can regroup and prepare for the next year.” Cruz H., Operations
“Relaxing and Vacation time is the best part of the holidays. You get to recharge.” Dan B., Operations
Personally, I love to travel during the holidays! This year I will be in Rome on Christmas and Paris on New Years! I couldn’t be more excited.
What is your favorite part of the season? Food? Family? Free-time? Furry Friends? The holidays are a time to be grateful for the year that has passed and hopeful for the year to come!
From all of us at CCR, Happy Holidays! We look forward to working with you in 2015!