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Event Mobile Apps

Of the world population now has a mobile phone
Of Smartphone users use their Smart phones throughout day
Of Smartphones users do not go 1hr without checking phone
Of Smartphone users keep their phones within arms length

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Our app solutions offer custom app development for conferences, events, meetings, and conventions.


Endless Possibilities: Out-Of-The-Box to Full Customization

Your event app has powerful tools with endless possibilities to connect with attendees, promote speakers and show-off exhibitors beyond the booth.

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Incredible App Features: App Management and Planning Made Easy

Our branded mobile apps are loaded with features that engage attendees, promote sponsors, and provide you with support. We make it simple for you to use and manage our easy content management system (E-CMS).

Push Notification

Push Notifications and Alerts

Send messages and real-time alerts to your attendees whenever you like, with our easy to use (E-CMS) content management system.


Include all of your scheduling and events within your application. Provide timely information for conference attendees.
Speaker Information

Speaker Information

Highlight your speakers. Detailed speaker profile information such as; bios, conference materials, contact information, book information and/or website links can be added.

Analytics and Event Insights

Gather attendee analytics. Generate exclusive insights, patterns, and statistical information on user patterns and app usage. This information is valuable for current and future events.
Venue Information

Venue Information

Give directions and informative instructions. Event schedule updates, hotel information, public transit or driving directions are available instantly. Go further by providing venue maps, services, restaurants, gas stations, public transportation and emergency information as well.
Interactive Maps

Interactive Maps

Include venue and area-specific features that display points of interest on a map, and categorize them into easy to use categories.
Exhibitor and Sponsor Profiles

Exhibitor and Sponsor Profiles

Generate additional revenue with sponsorship opportunities and help exhibitors extend their reach beyond the booth. Sponsors and exhibitors are constantly looking for better ways to be in front of attendees and this is a perfect opportunity for sponsors and exhibitors to be in the palm of attendees’ hands!
Website Integration

Website Content Integration

Easily integrate any web content for attendees including: website content, photos, hosted videos, surveys, polls and registration portals.

 Social Sharing Integration

Integrate your events with YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr (plus other favorite social media sites) straight into the app native functions.

15 Reasons Why Your Event Needs an App

Statistics show that smartphone usage is on the rise. Most people keep their phone within arms length at all times. As a result, conference attendees are using smartphones and tablets more now than ever. We can build your apps and help you get the most out of your attendee experience. Download our PDF to learn more about how to…
  • Connect early with attendees
  • Save money on print material
  • Update and change information instantly
  • Involve guests with Gamification
  • Gather feedback with polling
  • Promote Exhibitors and Sponsors
  • Generate additional revenue
  • And more!

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We provide robust, customized event apps conferences, conventions, events and meetings.

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