6 Tips for Last Minute Meeting Planning


It’s the end of first quarter, things are busy and going well, when suddenly a client wants to host an incentives meeting or client appreciation day, last minute! Normally it would be a no brainer, but with two weeks to spare, and nothing prepared the task looks a lot more daunting.

Never fear- we asked a few senior meeting planners, did some research, and pulled our knowledge to compile a few quick tips to make that last minute planning a success.

1. Social Media Promotion

Promote, promote, and promote some more! Share your event across all social media applications! Have key members of the association, guest speakers, or influencers within the industry share your event on their platforms as well to boost awareness.


2. Refine your Attendee List

Focus on the quality of attendees and focus on inviting those that are vital to the association; when planning last minute don’t worry about the number of attendees, rather the value of the participants.


3. Define the Purpose and Mission of the Meeting

The meeting is only successful if it accomplishes the purpose of the association. Make sure you have a clear perspective of the goals and must haves for the meeting and use your limited time to focus on those.


4. Find Vendors

Finding vendors last minute can be tricky, particularly finding a venue and catering last minute! Nix the cocktail hour and center your event around a luncheon; this allows for a non-traditional venue such as a museum and expands the options for food choices!


5. Create lists

Normally you have time to review, make adjustments, and review again. When you don’t it’s important to make lists for reference to keep track of the key tasks and final details


6. Have Backup Plans

When planning last minute, things will not always go as expected. Have a backup keynote speaker, vendors, and agenda so that if things go wrong you can laugh it off!

Planning last minute can be stressful and hectic- having strong partnerships can relieve some of the stress. When planning on a time crunch be open with your vendors and clients about expectations and goals!