Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!


Sometimes the memories we create during the holidays are better than any gift we could ever receive. In celebration of the upcoming holidays, we thought we would share some of our favorite memories- and we would love to hear yours! Check them out below!

“My family never had much money, but one year Santa brought me a shiny green and white bike for Christmas! I was thrilled, I can still picture it now! Turns out my dad had refinished an old bike to look like the bike of my dreams. It was one of the best gifts I ever received!” LJ P., President

“During one Christmas break at CCR (December 24th-January 1st), we got a call from one of our clients in Chicago with some last minute computer needs- we weren’t technically open but decided to fulfill the order for our client. One of our technicians and I packed up and drove the equipment from Denver to Chicago and back just in time for our client’s show. It wasn’t necessarily my favorite holiday, but it was definitely memorable.” Don L., Director of Operations

“Every holiday for the past four years since my son Ivan was born has been better than the last. Celebrating with him makes them all great.” Cruz H., Operations

“My favorite Christmas holiday moment, was being able to watch the expressions on my kids faces when Santa brought them coal. Just kidding!” Daniel B., Operations

“I like sitting and watching the snow fall with a cup of Einstein Bros. holiday blend coffee. That’s how I always start off the holiday festivities.” AJ J., Marketing and Technology

“My family celebrates Nikolaustag on December 6th. The night before, we put our shoes out on the stoop and St. Nikolaus fills them with treats and goodies. That morning I always eat way too much candy for breakfast, but I look forward to it all year!” Monet B., Business Development Coordinator

As the saying goes “The best part about memories is making them,” we want to hear your favorite holiday memories! Comment below and share what makes the holiday season special for you.