Connecting at MIC2015!

MIC2015 brought a totally new experience to the record breaking 1,200 new-comer and veteran attendees alike. Thanks to a revitalized open-concept layout, we had the awesome opportunity to connect and engage with fellow suppliers, meeting professionals, and venue representatives- aligning with the emerging theme of MIC and the events industry, to connect and engage.

Mayor Hancock started MIC off with a laugh, welcoming attendees to Denver, the Convention Center, and most importantly, MIC2015! Following Mayor Hancock, Colorado’s favorite science teacher, Steve Spangler, got attendees on their feet and created an experience filled with laughs and wonder; engaging with each other trying to blow up bags with one breath of air, and connecting with energy sticks (we got a group of 8 ladies connecting)! For natives like me, the opening session brought back memories of doing Steve’s famous Mentos Rockets and Water Tornado with my family and set a tone of excitement for the rest of the day! Aside from the fun and games Steve’s opening session really highlighted what we in the meetings and events industry do, create experiences, for our clients, attendees, and each other; we elevate exchanges in business information to new heights and create events and memories to last a lifetime.

The breakout sessions this year were particularly diverse and interactive-MIC’s emcee extraordinaire, the Productivity Pro, Laura Stack taught us how to be more productive during our work day while also connecting and engaging with our co-workers. LJ and I were inspired by some of the examples in the session and brought the fun back to the office by plastic wrapping our co-worker’s desk while he was on vacation! Not only did we have a great time as a team wrapping his desk, his reaction was priceless! Here’s some pictures!!

Bubble wrap


My personal favorite moment from MIC was the Platinum Sponsorship song! As a Motown girl I loved the creativity and entertainment Chris Starkey and his “troop” brought to highlighting the companies that make MIC possible! More importantly, they reminded us, again, of what makes our industry so great, the experiences! Kudos to Chris Starky on the creativity, we can’t stop talking about it, and I’m sure the other attendees felt the same.

Nice Bike! Mark brought our very own experience advocate, LJ, on stage to help him illustrate the importance of acknowledging, honoring, and celebrating others in the afternoon general session Nice Bike! From meat raffles, to impressions, to Harleys, Mark was hilarious and once again discussed the importance of connecting and engaging through acknowledgement and honor. I think all of us need a reminder to “stop counting crayons” now and again.


LJ and Mark MIC 2015


The afternoon breakout sessions brought many options, Sarah Michael asked “Do You Have Them at Hello?” in her session about how meeting professionals are now in the connexity business; connecting attendees, particularly first timers, with one another through communication networks.

Debra Jason taught us the six key locations to use keywords on our LinkedIn profiles (I am revamping my profile today!) and the vitality of connecting with heart. Debra used her mother’s engagement ring to symbolize the significance of engaging and connecting with contacts via LinkedIn to create lasting relationships. Attendees even had the opportunity to connect with Debra personally and utilize their new “engagement skills” by connecting with her on LinkedIn.

The evening happy hour was a blast as usual with great conversations and even better company, MIC2015 brought the members of the meetings and events industry together to enjoy the reason we all do what we do, to create experiences, connect with friends new and old, and engage in moments that allow us to grow, learn, and thrive. I had a great time, and cannot wait to see everyone again next year. What was your favorite moment? I’d love to hear your stories.