Creativity Essentials Series (Part 2): Simple and Brilliant Ways To Get Creative With Your A/V Experience!


Last week we touched on just a few ways that creativity can transform your next meeting into a memorable experience for attendees. Today, lets explore two more options that are not only engaging, but also paperless, dynamic, and cost effective. 

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

From Digital Menu Boards to Virtual Concierge, digital animated signage is the new and most dynamic way to convey information to an audience. Digital signage enhances first impressions, and gives you the opportunity to exemplify your event’s theme or message in a powerful, impactful way. Not only can this solution conveniently provide information to attendees, it can also highlight important event information, provide call-to-action messages, and eliminate the need for printed programs.

Interactive digital signage is part of our daily lives, so why not incorporate that technology into your next event. From the ATM to the self-checkout line, your attendees want access to resources instantly. Market applications such as wayfinding and digital mapping allow your attendees to select the sessions they want to participate in at your event, and map their way to those sessions.

You can provide your attendees with that WOW factor through the ability to host dynamic content within your custom Digital Signage.  Automated schedules, videos, animation, time-lines, sponsorship thank you’s, and advertising are just a few ways digital signage can take your event from a meeting to an experience.

To see a few examples of how digital signage can give your attendees a lasting impression, check out these brief videos


Touch Screen Monitors

Touch Screens for blogTo best utilize the interactive digital signage options we just discussed, you can incorporate HD Touch Screen Monitors into your event experience.

These devices allow attendees to walk up to the monitors and navigate through your event site, wayfinding applications (such as mapping), and any other applications you choose to make available to them via the touch screen.

Touch screens put attendees in the driver’s seat and allows them to engage in your meeting in ways they never have been able to before. Recently, a long time client of ours hosted a reception to launch a new website; using the touch screen monitors the reception’s attendees were able to interact with the website. This allowed the client to receive feedback first hand, as well as, gave the attendee’s an opportunity to ask questions, and become experts in navigating the new site. 



Digital Signage and HD Touch Screen Monitors are cost effective, unique ways to enhance your attendee's event experience. Along with your mobile app, and creative branding solutions, these two options are sure to keep participants engaged and excited long before, and after your event.

In the next post, we will discuss even more creative solutions to making your next event an experience.

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