GamificationUse Elements of Game-Design, to Make your Event App User-friendly.


We’ve talked about the importance and dynamism of a Mobile Event App, yet today we will delve into one feature that is allowing your Event App to involve guests and gain insight into which sessions, speakers, or moments at each event were most impactful; as well as which portions of the event need to be improved.AppImage

Gamification is the use of a game like design in a non-game application for the purpose of gathering information and making the app platform more user-friendly and stimulating.exhibitors_icon

Gamification is a great new way to involve your attendees. Your App gives you the tools to take your event to the next level. Think of the possibilities of scanning QR codes, sending out rewards and prizes, and allowing the user to upload videos instantly to Vimeo, You­Tube, or Facebook. Through improved data sharing, Gamification within your app can promote more app usage, and a heightened level of engagement from your attendees.iphones_small1

Gamification allows you to link social media feeds to your app, and allows attendees to check-in and interact with one another. Have a specific event goal? Use social media and a points system to recompense guests for being actively engaged at your event. Within the app you can track QR codes and hashtags to follow what attendees are saying, as well as follow which sessions are attracting the most interest.


Gamification adds value and excitement for your attendees because they can interact with your event, for your exhibitors because the QR codes drive attendees to their booths and gets them noticed, and for you, the event coordinator, because when attendees and exhibitors are happy you are guaranteed a successful event the following year. This great feature within your Mobile Event App can help transform your next event into an experience that will create excitement for every event to follow.

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