Creativity Essentials Series (Part 4): Simple and Brilliant Ways To Get Creative With Your A/V Experience!


The last few blog posts have discussed exciting ways to engage and enlighten your attendees at your next meeting or event; today, we will conclude that discussion with a few of the most user friendly creative event technology solutions.

Phone charging kiosks keep your mobile event app accessible, iPad kiosks engage attendees paperlessly, and video walls immerse your attendees in your event in a remarkable way.

IPad and Phone Charging Kiosks keep your attendees connected

CCR - Charging Kiosk - Large

Everyone has been in the middle of an event, meeting, or conference when they notice their phone is dangerously close to dying, with phone charging kiosks attendee’s can charge any smart phone. This keeps your Mobile Event App available, and also provides you with yet another platform to engage and inform your attendee’s of schedules, sponsors, advertisement, or your event’s theme/message. A charging kiosk provides you with a captured audience for the 5-15 minutes it takes for attendees to charge their device, making these kiosks amazing sponsorship or advertising opportunities, and great revenue generators for your event.

Similarly, the IPad kiosks can serve as an information station throughout your event.  Attendees can access videos, photo galleries, the Event Mobile App, and the event website instantly with IPad Kiosks. It’s a great, paperless way to present pertinent information!

CCR - iPad Charging Kiosk

New to the kiosk family, are touchscreen kiosks; which allow all the conveniences of touchscreen monitors discussed in (Creative Series Part 2), with an eye-catching, compact design.

Make your message larger than life

12 x 24 w.seams2 copy

Video Walls go beyond engaging attendees; they fully immerse participants in the theme of your event. With flexible, vibrant, high-resolution modular tiles you can customize your wall to any imaginable shape or size inviting powerful audience engagement in any venue. Because of the impressive size and customizable architecture, video walls are a creative and impactful solution for audience viewing six to sixty feet away.


video wall 1


Utilizing high-definition digital signage and your attendees’ emotional connection to light and color (as discussed in Part 3), video wall transport viewers from the real world to your event’s world. With a message that is larger than life, you are sure to showcase your event theme in an impactful, unforgettable manner that will transform your meeting into an experience.

In a world of ever-evolving technology there are more opportunities to immerse attendees in your event and create an experience they won’t soon forget. In the Creativity Essential Series we discussed how mobile apps capture your attendees before and after your event, how branding, digital signage, and touch screen monitors can not only create sponsorship opportunities and generate revenue, but imprint your message in your attendees’ minds, how lighting and stage design can evoke emotion, how iPad and phone charging kiosks keep attendees connected to the digital world, and lastly how video walls make your message larger than life. Each of these solutions is cost effective, user friendly, and will transform your next event from a tedious exchange of business information, to an stimulating, memorable experience.

Need an AV vendor experienced in working with the Creative Solutions discussed in this series? CCR has been executing creative event solutions for over 25 years, we would be glad to help you with your next event! Contact us at 1-866-522-7000, we are glad to take your call.