Requested ConcessionThe One Tip You Need To Know When Selecting a Venue.

Requested Concession

When speaking with Meeting Professionals recently, I’ve been asked many times, “how do I bring in an outside AV company, without getting penalized by my venue?”

When reviewing contracts with prospective venues, add a “requested concessions” or “clauses” section before you move forward in the venue selection process; this section allows you to ensure you get all the amenities you require, without any surprises or hidden fees. When it comes to bringing in your preferred Audio Visual vendor including a brief statement such as: “no additional fees or requirements will be accrued for brining in an outside AV company.” A blanket statement such as this guarantees that you will only pay for what you need at the venue, such a power drops or rigging, and you will not be charged for additional services such as a supervisor or tape.

 Here is the verbiage that is commonly used throughout the industry:

 Requested Concession

No additional fees or requirements will be accrued for bringing in an outside AV company.


 While many venues will imply that you are required to use their in-house AV, or pay an outrageous fee for bringing your own vendor in, by ensuring you are well informed, you can make certain that your preferred vendor can service your event, without penalty.


The hotel or venue will rarely push-back against a well prepared meeting professional, coming to the table with this concession arranged up front will save you the headache and costs of dealing with in-house AV struggles later.