Details Matter! How to Get the Most Out of Your AV RFP


When providing your Audio Visual provider with an RFP you want to ensure that you provide the company with the best information to accurately quote on your event. Many times a small piece of information can alter your entire quote, and cost you money, time, and hassle later.

Today, we will discuss the key pieces of information to include in your RFP to get the quickest, most competitive, and best responses from prospective AV Companies.


  1. Can I have your number? Providing your contact information!


    • Your AV provider needs to know who to contact when questions arise! This is also a great time to start building a relationship with your vendor, the better they know you and your event, the better they can assist you in making your vision a reality.

    • Within the contact information sections include the Full Event Name, the Event organizer and/or planning organization, the main contact person including all their contact information and the best times and methods for reaching him or her.

    • Providing detailed information will save your AV provider from having to hunt down the correct contact and makes certain you will receive your quote in a timely manner!

  2. What are we doing here?! A Summary of the Event tells the who, what, when, and why of your event!


    • Your AV partner wants your event to go smoothly, with that, your event is more than a list of equipment and dates; include a section that describes the event goals, the planning organization’s mission, the event history, attendee demographics, proposal requirements, what factors are included in the selection of a provider, and process for submitting a completed proposal. The more detailed your RFP is, the better your AV company will be able to provide you with solutions that meet or exceed your vision.

    • Make sure your venue allows outside AV companies to assist you with the event, in our last post “Requested Concession…The One Tip You Need To Know When Selecting a Venue,” we discussed how to ensure bringing in an outside AV company is a seamless, hassle-free process. Include in your RFP any outside AV charges your venue details in your contract, as well as if the contract is negotiable. This will allow your AV Company to advocate for you in hopes of reducing or eliminating those fees.

  3. The meat and potatoes! It’s time to discuss the equipment and labor needs of your event; when listing the equipment (the meat), don’t skip on the potatoes (the details)!


    • Include the room numbers and set-up dates and times for each room. Also note if the room will stay set-up for the entire event, or if the rooms will need to be reset each day. This information will save you a lot on labor if it’s known from the beginning.
    • Also be sure to include a matrix or time grid for you event that contains the details of your venue contract. Your AV provider will need to know when the rooms are available to set-up, and if the venue provides podiums, microphones, and house sound.

    • If you have any special requirements of your on-site tech mention them in the RFP, not only will this help ensure your quote includes all costs, it will give your AV company insight on what will help your event be a great success

    • Include your vision for AV. Do you want a simple set-up? Are you looking to make a big impact with lighting and sound? Are you interested in stage design? Your AV provider will be able to make your vision a reality when you partner with them to create a creative program.

    • How many attendees will be at the event, and in each break-out room? The set-up for a session with 10 attendees will be quite different than that for a session with 200 attendees, by providing this information you will guarantee that your rooms are prepared for the best impact each day.
    • Include a ballpark budget in your quote, a great AV company won’t take advantage of the number you provide, but it will make sure you and your prospective providers are on the same page. It will also give you an opportunity to discuss what creative solutions you can incorporate to provide attendees with that WOW factor without a WOW budget

    • Lastly, include the date by which you need the proposal, and an outline of your final decision making process.
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  4. But who are they? Request Information from the Vendor Company, make sure you know who they are and what you can expect!

    • Like any relationship, you want to know what qualifications prospective vendors have to guarantee your event is a success. Ask for information on the company background, an overview of the company’s credentials and capabilities,  your main contact’s professional bio and contact information, and a list of references. Check out what previous clients are saying and you will rest easier with your choice.

Creating a detailed RFP can take time, yet providing your prospective vendors with detailed information can save thousands in unexpected charges, will make sure your event runs more smoothly, and will help strengthen the understanding and partnership between you and your vendor. A great AV company is always glad to help you with any questions you may have when drafting your RFP, if you are unsure of what to include, ASK! It will also give you a chance to see how receptive a prospective vendor is to your needs.